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The Shetland Pony Experience

The Shetland Pony Experience lasts approximately 1 hour


Near Halifax Shetland Pony Walking Experience
Calderdale Shetand Pony Walking Experience
Near Halifax Shetland Pony Grooming and  Walking Experience

If you enjoy spending time with animals, come and meet two beautiful native Shetland Ponies called Jack and Charlie.

Learn about how ponies communicate and how to build a trusting relationship with the ponies.

Enjoy spending time grooming the ponies and taking care of their luscious coat and mane.

Challenge yourself with some basic horse/ pony handling skills to build respect and help the pony to stay agile and fit.

Enjoy relaxing in the countryside and nature in the South Pennine moors.

Near Halifax Shetland Pony grooming and Walking Experience