West Yorkshire Alpacas - alpaca walking sessions

Buy Vouchers

We apreciate that you may wish to purchase an Alpaca walk as a gift so we offer vouchers so that you can pay for a special day for someone and leave them to organise the fine details like when and who ! If you choose to buy a voucher we will send it to an email address of your choosing along with a special code so that the recipient can simply phone us to arrange their special day. (We will also send you a copy just so you can see what they received).

Give us some details so that we can send an acknowledgement to you and a voucher to them.

We have two vouchers available, one for 1hr for 2 adults and one for 2 adults and 2 children(minimum age 8) sharing 2 alpacas for 1 hour. All vouchers expire after 1 year from date of purchase.

Of course you can enter your own details below if you prefer to send the voucher to yourself and then forward to someone else at a later date!