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We have a maximum of two Alpaca meet and greets per day to safeguard the wellbeing of our lovely alpacas, sometimes only one will be scheduled. You can see how many of our 6 alpaca's are available on each meet and greet in the booking boxes below.

Our meet and greet sessions usually include a short walk and to walk your own alpaca you must be at least 13 years of age and a minimum age 8 to attend with an adult of over 18 years supervising. There must be one adult per child. Although under 8's may not participate in the alpaca walk they may like to sign up for our Alpaca Petting Experience, please contact us directly for details.

If you would prefer a session without a walk then please call on 07918 928968 or email and we can look to try and schedule a bespoke experience for you.

We don't run regular sessions over the winter due to unpredictable weather but will accept specific requests so please phone if you can't see an available date.

Click on a day to see the availability. Please note that you can browse availability but until you log in to our site you cannot make a booking. All you need to do to register is give us your name, your email address and a telephone number so that we can contact you easily if any problem arises on the day of your booking such as adverse weather conditions or an unexpected event.

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