West Yorkshire Alpacas - alpaca walking sessions

What if the weather is bad?

The alpacas will usually be happy to have an amble with us over the field on the farm but in bad weather they're not so keen and so we will just spend a little longer in their field shelter if this is the case.


Do alpacas spit?

Alpacas very rarely spit at people and I have never known ours to spit at anyone. They do sometimes fall out with each other, usually when they are being fed and then they might spit at each other, but even then it isn't as terrible as I think many people imagine.

What temperament do alpacas have?

They are very gentle animals and behave in a very gentle manner. They are also very curious creatures, always wondering what's over the next wall or around the next corner. However they can be easily spooked so we try to speak and act calmly around them at all times which helps them to feel safe and calm.

Do they like to be cuddled?

Although they look very cuddly they don't like to be touched too much. We suggest that you stroke them gently with the back of your hand on their neck when you are stationary, they will usually allow this.

When do you walk the alpacas

We update the availability on the booking calender regularly so please browse to see the times available in the upcoming weeks. If you don't see a time which is suitable for you then you are welcome to get in touch and we will do our best to facilitate your request.

Where do you walk?

Our alpaca walking field is on a farm in the beautiful West Yorkshire countryside. Depending on the fitness of the group we can choose the route to suit.

How do I book and pay

Please make payment by card through the website using the Stripe Payment Gateway. Bookings will not be confirmed unless they are paid for at the point of booking.

Can children walk the alpacas?

Minimum age for a child to walk their own alpaca is 13 years and to walk one with an accompanying adult is 8 years.

What shall I wear?

Sturdy footwear for uneven ground and clothes suitable for the weather conditions.