West Yorkshire Alpacas - alpaca walking sessions

The Alpaca Experience Prices

West Yorkshire Alpaca ExperienceWest Yorkshire Alpaca  Experience

1 Adult or 1 child aged 13 years and above, walking own alpaca: £20

1 accompanying adult/child: £10

Alpaca Petting Experience for younger children: £10
The alpacas will be in a pen so that younger children can safely learn and meet the alpacas over the gate.
(Please phone (07918 928968) or email to book for your petting experience)

Minimum age for a child to walk their own alpaca is 13 years

Minimum age for a child to walk an alpaca together with an adult is 8 years (the alpaca will have 2 leads, one held by the adult and one by the child)

All children under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.

You can also book our alpaca's to attend your wedding or any special event you are planning. Click to find out more